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Covid19, Travel and Cancellation

With the summer season just around the corner, France is pulling out all the stops to attract foreign tourists. "Foreign tourists coming to France will be able to take a free PCR test before returning home," said Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs. We want to remain the first tourist destination in Europe and the world, while preserving sanitary interests. It is a primary economic interest for France.”

PCR tests will be free this summer for 'foreigners' on holiday in France, if a test is needed to return to their country of origin.

from June 9, subject to change

  • reception of foreign tourists

  • curfew to 11pm

  • reopening cafes and restaurants, tables of up to 6 people and with special protocols. Up to 5,000 visitors on cultural and sport events. Reopening sports halls and expanding sports options (inside without contact and with special protocols)

  • reopening conference centers and exhibition spaces: up to 5,000 visitors and with special protocols

Click here for the link to netherlandsworldwide, the page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about travel to France, for more detailed information.

Cancellation policy: in case of cancellation due to corona (measures) 100% money back, or transfer of the credit to another program (in consultation, and according to your wishes).

However, it remains the case that the first deposit is necessary to make a reservation. This will be refunded in case of the above.

From June 9, France will officially open its doors to tourists again. The borders are currently also open, although a PCR test (tested up to 72 hours in advance) is necessary, and a signed statement that one has not been in contact with corona.


I myself travel every two weeks between France and the Netherlands by car, and that goes well.

During our programs we will have quick tests available if there is any doubt about whether people feel unsafe, but otherwise I think it is a distinct opportunity to really be together again with a small group of people, who have all been tested before the trip, creating a safe environment, also because we will mainly be on location and the country house is located in a small rural village, in the middle of nature.

High Five without hands

To facilitate international travel, the EU-27 is currently discussing the introduction of a common health card at European level. Those in possession of this document will be able to travel to the various countries of the European Union without having to submit a negative PCR test.

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