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Our Values

Resilience & Creativity

Resilience and creativity here stand for creativity and the art forms, (self) expression, dance and movement. But also for acceptance, learning to deal with what presents itself, adaptability, creating from intention and transcending the now. Seeing the present moment as a result of the past, and the power of the creation of the future from the present moment, from intention.

Health & Consciousness

Health and consciousness here stand for physical, mental, emotional  and spiritual health. For the self-healing ability, self-awareness, but also collective consciousness, personal development, healthy nutrition, nature, bearing responsibility for yourself, your own thoughts and actions.

Peace & Safety

Peace and safety are here as conditions for relaxation, to dare to be open and vulnerable, to share from authenticity, and to be able to listen to each other with an open attitude and to be present for yourself and each other.

Authenticity & Connection

Authenticity and connection here stand for what you truly are, deep within yourself The connection with yourself and with each other. This is also consciousness, understanding of unity, energy work, movement, meditation, yoga. The heart as the greatest source of energy in man, the human radio station, from which you can transmit and receive and make a real connection. Unconditional love for who and what you are deeply, and for the other.

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