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Minibus on the Road

Own transport

The average travel time by car as indicated by google maps from Utrecht to Center Ramet is approximately 7.5 hours. It is advisable to go via Reims, then you avoid getting stuck around Paris. To do this, first set your navigation system to Chaource.

Public transport

If you come by public transport, the fastest way is to take the Thalys to Paris (Gare du Nord), and then take the through train from Paris (Bercy) to Nevers. The Thalys takes about 3 hours, the train from Paris to Nevers two hours. In Paris you take the metro from Gare du Nord to Bercy.

Depending on the number of participants who come by train, transport can be arranged from Nevers station, which is 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from Center Ramet. Otherwise, you can use the bus or train to Autun. Please let us know in good time if you want to be picked up.

You can book your international train journey via this site.

Traveling to Paris by bus is also possible, this is cheaper, but has a longer travel time.

Lift station Up and down to the Morvan

There is also a lift center on Facebook for people who travel to and from the Morvan, this group is called Up and down to the Morvan. See below for the button to go to the facebook group and place a call, or to offer transport. Normally the price for a single ride here is 50 euros.

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