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Enjoy, Grow and Be

"Centre Ramet is something I enjoy,

what I grow from, what nourishes me and what I can nourish. Something I 'develop'. Conversely, it 'develops' me. It encourages me to keep pace with everything that comes with it, and to be able to receive and create what 'is' already there. It is wonderful to do business from this perspective, entrepreneurship becomes creating like this. Grateful that I can do this.

This center may be a place for people who also want to grow and can receive what they want to be given here, and also give what they have to offer. In this way an exchange is created, literally by 'being' who we are and sharing that with each other. In a safe way."


Lotte dreamed of a beautiful place surrounded by nature, to create a center, where people can come together to learn from and with each other about consciousness, intuition, meditation, energy work, the use of sound and singing. How we are made up of energy and how matter is affected by it; the power of intention, the influence of thoughts on our (physical) well-being, the power of healthy food and our connection with nature.

Meditatie handgebaar
Vrouwen Hands Holding
Handen in de Soil

Peace and security are prerequisites for being open and vulnerable. The intention is to create a place where people can share and where growth is possible. Together, by each other and with each other. Again and again.


It now appears that this dream was “coincidentally” present before. I've been re-reading my diaries from the past 20 years, and now it turns out that when I was 18 I wrote that I would like to renovate an old castle and start a training center in it;

“I prefer to set up a nice place where people can come for courses etc... Renovating an old castle or something. (…) my goal is to improve the world. Then I first have to know what is good about the world, so that we can continue to work on that, and eventually let it grow in such a way that the world will shine again”.


So first go out into the world to see what beauty is out there!

I've been doing that for the past 20 years. Let's call 'the beauty' life experience :-). And I'm still learning, every day.​

Centre Ramet is taking shape, and the first programs are on the agenda.

Do you want to join?

Then ask yourself if you are ready to start feeling and receiving even more love in your life, from yourself this time! And if you feel like discovering it together with 10 to 14 others in a beautiful place in the Morvan. A dream place.

Most weeks will be fully catered, including all meals and snacks, three beautiful gites to stay in (private and double rooms available), a brand new and bright yoga room in the old horse stable, and a covered outdoor kitchen to enjoy the meals together. 

All this in the middle of the Morvan, surrounded by tall trees for shade, a small river that flows through the estate, and walking possibilities on both the property itself and the surrounding rose garden, and through the woods and along the waterfalls of the Morvan.


"The garden through the cold night

Longs for the warmth of the sun.

The fish on the river bank

Longs to be back in the water.

A pigeon with a broken wing

Longs to fly from a high branch.

The traveler on a dark night

Longs for the light of the moon.

But earth longed a thousand times more

For you to be born on it again."

Winged Pharaoh by Joan Grant, 1937.

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