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Our Team


Lotte Elizabeth Graat

Owner of Centre Ramet, Program Maker and Hostess

As long as I can remember I have been interested in consciousness and personal development. I have also always had the desire to get to know and discover the world. I have many interests and have therefore hesitated between studies such as archaeology, political science, agriculture, singing at the conservatory, and probably more! But in the end I chose cultural anthropology. With a trip to ethnomusicology in Ireland, and finally a research master at the University of Wageningen in rural development sociology. At the age of 22 I became the mother of a beautiful daughter, and later I had two beautiful sons. I have lived indeed in different countries for shorter or longer periods of time; England, Italy, Portugal, Australia, and currently half in the Netherlands and half in France. In addition to my studies, I have worked a lot in the hospitality industry in various types of companies, and in Australia I started a PhD on issues related to personal development and women in STEMM fields. In recent years I have mainly worked in agriculture, on the (organic) dairy farms where I lived with my partner and our children, in Australia and France. At the moment I am mainly concerned with (research into) consciousness, energy work, meditation & yoga, and building this beautiful center, where all this can come together! I am grateful to have met Jacqueline again on my path, and enjoy all the possibilities that open up.


You can reach me via the contact details on this site


Jacqueline Couteaux

Owner of the location Chateau Champ Ramet

The 2011 purchase of Champ Ramet was a coup d'achat de coeur . This was on the one hand led by my passion for historic buildings and their renovation, but I also longed for a nice place where I could be with my family and friends in the summer months, to gain beautiful experiences and be together. I myself have four children who were still young at the time, but with an eye to the future in which our family might grow with grandchildren I was looking for something with space and lots of nature around it. I found that on Champ Ramet. In this place I was able to use my experience in renovating and furnishing buildings. I have renovated the chateau to a modern standard with all the comforts for the guests, but at the same time maintaining the authentic style, which is reflected in the entire interior and decoration of the building, the property and the rooms. I picked up where the previous owners left off; I finished the furnishing of the outdoor kitchen, renewed the roof and electricity, and later tackled the isolation. Through an old photo album that was still at the neighbors, I was able to imagine how it used to be here, and to carry out the renovation in such a way that the authentic character could be preserved. Neighbor Pierre Antoine has undertaken this renovation.


The former owners used the mansion as a wedding venue, allowing guests to stay in the gites. Others have also settled here in the Morvan, after staying at from Champ Ramet. For example, my sister has settled in the village and she also provides gite rental at home. Two other former guests of Champ Ramet have bought the Pastor's House in the village and have started a chambres d'hôtes there . So the circle has expanded, because people think it's such a nice place here. This also means that there are always extra options nearby if needed.

Since my husband Ton has come into my life, we ​​have 7 children together, and it has really become a family home for the summer. The two summer months are wonderful, but the property deserves more. I am happy and grateful that I have met Lotte on my path again, so that more meaning can be given to the mansion and the shutters can be opened again outside the summer months. In this way the house gets an extra purpose. I see it as the pebble you throw into the water, causing more and more circles.


In the spring and autumn meaningful retreats at Champ Ramet, that sounds like music for the future. We will see how this will crystallize. It is beautiful here with the cows and the colorful rose garden across the road, the clear starry skies. French moss grows on the trees, which can only grow in oxygen-rich areas. Nature can reallyoffer room to be creative again. In this way we contribute our bit.


Since a few years Ton and I have started taking care of the gite rental together in the summer months (July and August). Together we offer a wonderful place for families to enjoy and relax in an authentic French Chateau, in the middle of the beautiful nature of the Morvan in France.

Ton & I can be reached for holiday bookings of the gites for the months of July and August, via this link

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