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zo 21 mei


La Celle-en-Morvan

Aikido with Jurjen

This multi-day training is a personal development process in a group. With Aikido as a pleasant, metaphorical tool, you work on your own learning question together with the other participants. In fact, you need others to stir your own consciousness.

Aikido with Jurjen
Aikido with Jurjen

Tijd en locatie

21 mei 2023, 17:00 – 25 mei 2023, 17:00

La Celle-en-Morvan, 44 Rue de l,Eglise St Agnan, 71400 La Celle-en-Morvan, France

Over deze Retreat

Afterwards you will be better able to;

Understand your own role in relationships

Set your boundaries without respecting guilt and the boundaries of others

Walking confidently through life

Lead without dominating others

Follow in confidence while maintaining your own boundaries

Making others stronger


This multi-day training is fully provided. Includes four nights accommodation in the chateau in a private room and three full meals per day. Parking available on site. 


For more information and bookings go here to Jurjen Groen.



Almost all martial arts are aimed at unbalancing and even eliminating the opponent. Aikido focuses on harmony and even making the other(s) stronger while maintaining your own limits. This angle gives a completely different view of things. The foundations of this beautiful Japanese martial art can be found in all my work.

Aikido is a wonderful tool that is suitable for many purposes. It stands for Love, Respect and Trust. Through physical exercises, many personal characteristics and behaviors become visible and tangible in the blink of an eye. You could say that aikido is a personal development process in which you need your fellow man to make progress. Subjects such as posture, standing firm, making contact, connection, flexibility, calmness and resistance are all discussed, and always at the same time. In addition, themes such as leadership without dominating the other and learning to follow without acting like a victim are also treated. To practice these traits and skills, techniques similar to attack and defense are used.


My name is Jurjen Groen and I have been practicing ki-aikido since the late 90's. Several times a week I train in the dojo with beginners and advanced in the same class.  Over ten years ago I took my first steps in the world outside the dojo and started to put philosophy in other contexts. Especially in sectors such as healthcare and education, where dependence on others and caring for others play a major role, aikido is experienced as very enlightening

Who will you be dealing with?

As the father of two teenage children, and the husband of a lovely wife who has three of them, I am constantly mirrored on my own beliefs, experiences and behavior. It gives me a lot of information about the current way of thinking, and the norms and values of the next generation. I am extremely curious, eager to learn, impulsive and enthusiastic. Also calm and understanding and eager to add value to the things I do. I think having fun is an undervalued factor in life. That is why I love light-heartedness, making jokes and teasing, without losing sight of depth, respect or direction. Aikido is now in my DNA. The training sessions that I follow several times a week ensure that I can continue to develop personally.


Love, Respect and Trust 

Given by my teachers, what I want to continue to propagate, continue and develop. I like to confront. Always viewed from the perspective of equality and development. In a time of increasing division, I remain committed to harmony and cooperation in my own way.


For bookings and contact go here to Jurjen Groen.


The price for Black belt decision makers (before December 1, 2022) is €499. 

The price for White belt decision makers (after December 1, 2022) is €599.


Bookings go through Jurjen Groen.


Prices include four nights in the chateau and meals.

There will be personal correspondence with the participants about the complete content.

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