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Expand your Heart's Horizon

Cacao Ceremonie & Connected Breathing 22 dec + 20 jan 19.00 - 22.00

  • 47 euro
  • Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan 62

Beschrijving van de dienst

From darkness to light - join us for this winter solstice ceremony! With Melanie & Josta A wonderful opportunity to strengthen this in our ceremony that involves breath work, cacao & shamanic sounds. Turning inward, making a deep-rooted connection with your powerful breath, your beautiful heart, your sparkling soul, your 'being': this form of self-care is always important and can always be enjoyed. Together we create a field of connectedness and we become really present from the heart. Out of love and compassion. And with that, you tap into a field that gives you the peace of mind and spaciousness to sink in and let your creativity and creative power flow. A cacao ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the inner wisdom of our hearts: to dive deeper into intention and expansion. It is not a medicine that makes you hallucinate, but it does have stimulating effects due to the form of caffeine in the bean. For thousands of years, indigenous (Mesoamerican) tribes have considered Cacao to be a sacred plant with healing properties on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Not only was cacao used in ceremonial rituals to strengthen the connection with the divine, but it is also a medicinal plant that aids in healthy blood circulation, controls cholesterol levels, is an antidepressant and contains numerous healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. After setting our intentions and welcoming the Spirit of Cacao, you are invited to travel inwards: with connected breathwork to relax, widen and ground the breath. Everything you don't want to feel is fixed with the breath. We will travel together to a place where the energy can flow even more. As an Inner Peace Catalyst, Josta has been a rock for the people she works with and in her personal environment for years. She is known for creating a space where everyone feels they can be themselves. To be able to sink a little further into oneself. For her, cacao is a medicine that helped her to open her heart more and make room for transforming old pain and limiting beliefs. Melanie guides people with bodywork and breathwork to get more into their body and closer to their feelings. So that spaciousness, individuality and lightness can be created. She is gentle but powerful in assisting the other on his or her path of discovery in order to make life more beautiful together.

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  • Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan 62, Zeist, Nederland


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