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Singing Circle 3 maart

Voice Flow met Tamar Spierenburg

  • Vanaf 16,80 euro
  • Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan 62

Beschrijving van de dienst Door open 13.45 Start 14.00 Be very welcome to join this voice experience, inviting the breath and more movement. Together we will feel the vibrations of our voices. Feel free to participate in a way that suits you in the moment. You may express yourself through the voice, listen, move, stay still, laugh, cry, be. Curiosity, openness, receiving, creativity, improvising, playing, loving, sound, silence. 13.45 Door open Be welcome. Enjoy a cup of tea and a snack. Take a moment to land in space. 14.00 Start We will check in and open the circle. I will guide us through a short meditation, welcoming what is in the moment. Then we are going into breath work; activating the body through the movement of breath, from where more movement can arise. In the Voice Flow, we can experience the power of our voices. The movement of breathing, can move the whole body from within. This includes the movement of organs, fluïds, muscles and bones. We will invite all these vibrations, to let our voices resonate in our bodies and into our shared space. You are invited to experience your voice through the whole space; moving around, meeting other voices, playing with sensations and sounds. To end with, we will come back to the breath, check out and close the circle. NEW LOCATION We will have a larger space, with room for more movement! This space is located in Studio 62, Zeist: - Easy to reach by bus - Free parking area - And of course easy to reach by bicycle :) Zondag 03 maart 2024 van 13:45 tot 15:30 Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan 62, 3705 HJ Zeist, Netherlands

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  • Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan 62, Zeist, Nederland


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